On My Blog and I

About Me:

I am currently a paper pusher for the United States Army stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas with the 1st Infantry Division. Before enlisting however I worked as a department manager for an east coast chain of supermarkets and studied sciences at a local college. Now finding myself in Kansas and away from the bustle of the east coast I have learned that one of my smaller hobbies of exploration has become my primary hobby as a result of a lack of things to do in Kansas!

Me sitting on the steps of the administration building of the Pennhurst State Asylum

About this Blog:

After attempting to find an urban exploration social networking site that was relative to my interests, and failing, I decided I would instead attempt to maintain an urban exploration blog detailing my adventures in Kansas, and wherever life may take me. While there are a lot of pretty pictures to be seen I also find myself frequently researching the locations I visit and have decided that sharing that information here may be relative to some other urban exploring enthusiasts and make my efforts just a little more rewarding.

2 thoughts on “On My Blog and I

  1. Ashley Hill says:

    This is great! Travy, I have missed you and am excited to read about your travels. I love the photos, and the blogging. I hope you keep it up! I intend on being a follower. I do enjoying your writing. =)

  2. Awesome site man, keep it up & keep exploring…

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