About Me:

I am currently a paper pusher for the United States Army stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas with the 1st Infantry Division. Before enlisting however I worked as a department manager for an east coast chain of supermarkets and studied sciences at a local college. Now finding myself in Kansas and away from the bustle of the east coast I have learned that one of my smaller hobbies of exploration has become my primary hobby as a result of a lack of things to do in Kansas!

About this Blog:

After attempting to find an urban exploration social networking site that was relative to my interests, and failing, I decided I would instead attempt to maintain an urban exploration blog detailing my adventures in Kansas, and wherever life may take me. While there are a lot of pretty pictures to be seen I also find myself frequently researching the locations I visit and have decided that sharing that information here may be relative to some other urban exploring enthusiasts and make my efforts just a little more rewarding.

One thought on “About

  1. Annie Reynolds says:

    I really have enjoyed reading your blog about Bushong and Neosho Falls in Kansas. I live near Wichita and this last weekend I took my Father to investigate Bushong. We had a wonderful time, especially exploring the old school.
    You mention an old house 10 miles away from Neosho Falls that you explored. Can you give me directions to that so that we can check it out when we go to N.F.? Thank you!
    Annie Reynolds

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